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PNW-Embroidery is home to the Lavender Series, Appliques, In the Hoop Projects, Sets and Singles for Machine Embroidery.

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Christmas Appliques'



All Appliqués include Color Chart and step by step directions. Easy enough for everyone!

all orders are sent by email


Split Tree in 3 Sizes (367-40)

Christmas fabric shown. Comes with

optional ornament fills on tree 

4x4-76.4mm x 99.9mm

5x7-128.2mm x 166mm

6x10-148.8mm x 192.5mm



Joy Split in 4 Sizes (367-32)

4x4-99.5mm x 98mm

5x7-132mm x 129.6mm

6x6-148.3mm x 144.9mm

8x8-197.4mm x 192.2mm



Reindeer Monogram 3 Sizes

(367-31) Lettering not included

4x4-76.7mm x 99.3mm

5x7-129.8mm x 168.4mm

6x10-149.6mm x 194mm


Snowman in 3 Sizes (APC 20)

4x4-97.4mm x 99.7mm

5x7-125.3mm x 128.5mm

6x10-149.3mm x 153mm




Bow Belt in 3 Sizes (APC29)

4x4-99.7mm x 97.8mm

5x7-129.2mm x 132mm

6x10-149mm x 152.2mm



Santa Belt Stocking in 4 Sizes (APC28)

4x4-72.9mm x 95.4mm

5x7-108.3mm x 141.8mm

5x7-127.9mm x 167.9mm

6x10-147.4mm x 193.6mm



Santa Belt Ornament in 3 Sizes (APC27)

4x4-79.8mm x 94mm

5x7-125.7mm x 148.7mm

6x10-144.8mm x 171.4mm



Santa in Chimney in 3 Sizes (APC26)

4x4-76.6mm x 99.3mm

5x7-124.9mm x 163.5mm

6x10-147.1mm x 194.9mm



Santa's Sack in 3 Sizes (APC25)

4x4-90.4mm x 141mm

5x7-129.3mm x 141mm

6x10-149.1mm x 163.1mm



Santa Stop Here in 3 Sizes (APC24)

both satin-raw edges

4x4-92.4mm x 99mm

5x7-118.9mm x 127.6mm

6x10-136.7mm x 146.7mm



Bite Ginger in 3 Sizes (APC23)

both satin-raw edges

4x4-85.2mm x 99.1mm

5x7-129.7mm x 150.6mm

6x10-149.7mm x 173.9mm



Santa's, Nice, Naughty and Blank List!

4 Lists in 3 Sizes (APC22)

4x4-74.9mm x 98mm

5x7-124.7mm x 163.6mm

6x10-144.1mm x 188.8mm


GingerHead in 4 Sizes (APC21)

  both satin-raw edges

add a bow on top or bottom!

4x4-72.6mm x 96mm

5x7-93.8mm x 124.3mm

5x7-120.7mm x 160.4mm

6x10-147.3mm x 195.8mm



Santa's Hat in 4 Sizes (APC19)

both satin-raw edges

4x4-72.6mm x 96mm

5x7-93.8mm x 124.3mm

5x7-120.7mm x 160.4mm

6x10-147.3mm x 195.8mm


Bell in 3 Sizes (APC18)

 both satin-raw edges

4x4-75.7mm x 97.4mm

5x7-123.5mm x 159.7mm

6x10-142.5mm x 184.3mm 


String of Lights in 3 Sizes (APC17) 

both satin-raw edges

files for one color and two color bulbs

4x4-99.6mm x 39.1mm

5x7-69.7mm x 179.2mm

6x10-93.2mm x 239.1mm



Star Ornament in 3 Sizes (APC16)

both satin-raw edges

4x4-90.3mm x 98.8mm

5x7-129.3mm x 143mm

6x10-147.9mm x 164.2mm


FolkArt Present in 3 Sizes (APC14) 

both satin-raw edges

4x4-56.1mm x 99mm

5x7-99.4mm x 177.2mm

6x10-132.1mm x 236mm


 FolkArt Tree in 3 Sizes (APC13)

both satin-raw edges

4x4-52.9mm x 99.4mm

5x7-93.2mm x 178mm

6x10-123.1mm x 236.9mm



FolkArt Holly in 3 Sizes (APC12)

both satin-raw edges

4x4-98.1mm x 73.7mm

5x7-12.35mm x 164.5mm

6x10-142.9mm x 190.3mm



Candy Cane in 3 Sizes (APC11)

both satin-raw edges

4x4-60.9mm x 98.5mm

5x7-107.6mm x 175.2mm

6x10-142.6mm x 232.9mm



3 Ornaments in 3 Sizes (APC10)

both satin-raw edges

4x4-99.1mm x 63.2mm

5x7-112.6mm x 178mm

6x10-148mm x 234.5mm



Santa Tie in 3 Sizes (APC09)

4x4-50mm x 100mm

5x7-78mm x 158mm

6x10-107mm x 219mm


Christmas Candy in 4 Sizes (APC08)

4x4-51mm x 71mm

4x4-54mm x 88mm

5x7-76mm x 127mm

5x7-92mm x 153mm


Gingerbread Man in 3 Sizes (APC07)

4x4-89mm x 100mm

5x7-128mm x 143mm

6x10-148mm x 166mm



Gingerbread Tie in 3 Sizes (APC05)

4x4-49mm x 99mm

5x7-86mm x 177mm

6x10-114mm x 235mm



Joy in 3 Sizes (APC06)

4x4-99mm x 69mm

5x7-123mm x 176mm

6x10-150mm x 215mm



Holly in 5 Sizes (APC04)

4x4-80mm x 73mm

4x4-95mm x 87mm

5x7-118mm x 108mm

5x7-143mm x 129mm

6x10-164mm x 149mm



Santa Head in 3 Sizes (A1)

4x4-72.3mm x 99.6mm

5x7-119.7mm x 1543mm

6x10-134.5mm x 188.6mm


Stocking in 3 Sizes (A2)

4x4-79.1mm x 98mm

5x7-127.1mm x 157.6mm

6x10-147mm x 182.3mm



Christmas Tree (pnw367-13)

4x4-49.5mm x 98.7mm

5x7-68.5mm x 138.7mm

5x7-85.7mm x 175.9mm

6x10-113.3mm x 234.2mm




Noel in 3 Sizes/2 methods-single letters & combined (APC02)

4x4-100mm x 38mm

5x7-67mm x 178m

6x10-84mm x 224mm



3 Bulbs in 3 Sizes/2 methods-single bulbs & combined(APC03)

4x4-28mm x 98mm

5x7-50mm x 176mm

6x10-62mm x 222mm


Ornament in 3 Sizes/Satin&Raw (APC15)

4x4-78.2mm x 99.2mm

5x7-129.8mm x 165.8mm

6x10-149.7mm x 191.3mm




Bell Cookie in 3 Sizes (367-41)

4x4-99.4mm x 90.4mm

5x7-128.6mm x 141.3mm

6x10-149mm x 163.7mm


Candy Cane Cookie in 3 Sizes (367-33) 

4x4-60mm x 99mm

5x7-105.5mm x 175.6mm

6x10-140.2mm x 233.9mm 


Ginger Cookie in 3 Sizes (367-34)

4x4-74mm x 97.5mm

5x7-129.3mm x 171.1mm

6x10-148.9mm x 197mm




Present Cookie in 3 Sizes (367-35)

4x4-66.6mm x 97.8mm

5x7-86.7mm x 127.6mm

6x10-119.8mm x 177.1mm


Reindeer Cookie in 4 Sizes (367-36)

4x4-53.2mm x 98.8mm

5x7-80.3mm x 149.9mm

5x7-95.8mm x 179.3mm

6x10-123.7mm x 232.2mm 



Santa Express Cookie in 4 Sizes


4x4-98mm x 67.7mm

5x7-96.1mm x 139.2mm

5x7-122.2mm x 177.8mm

6x10-149.3mm x 217.2mm



Star Cookie in 3 Sizes (367-38)

4x4-94.7mm x 92.4mm

5x7-127.5mm x 124.5mm

6x10-146.4mm x 143.1mm


Cookie Tree in 4 Sizes(367-39)

 4x4-59.6mm x 98.6mm

5x7-90.6mm x 150.1mm

5x7-107.2mm x 178mm

6x10-142.5mm x 237.2mm


Angel Cookie in 4 Sizes (367-42)

4x4-98.6mm x 57.8mm

5x7-91.3mm x 157mm

5x7-104.2mm x 179.6mm

6x10-137.7mm x 237.8mm




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