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PNW-Embroidery is home to the Lavender Series, Appliques, In the Hoop Projects, Sets and Singles for Machine Embroidery.

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Bargain Bin




Bargain Bin is a place for sets/singles at a reduced price before they retire to make room

for new designs/projects from PNW-Embroidery.


The sets are here for a limited time. Enjoy the savings on these last chance designs.  

Bargain Bin will be cleaned out after 12/28/17

Last Chance! 

I Want them all - Christmas Hair Clips, Thanksgiving Hair Clips, Continuous Line Christmas, Bakers Dozen Pies,

Geishas, Days of Wonder, Magic Cats, RW Christmas Alphabet, Prim Scribbles




All for the 4x4 hoop and easy to make. Pictures Direction included. Requires no additonal sewing!
all orders are sent by email
Christmas Hair Clips(pnw272)
For use with a 2" (50 mm) hair clip or smaller. Designs of candy cane, present, bulb,
 Merry Christmas.$4.99

 Christmas HairClips


Bargain Bin Price $1.24


All for the 4x4 hoop and easy to make. Requires no additional sewing! Instructions included.
all orders are sent by email
Thanksgiving Hair Clips (pnw266)
For use with a 2" (50 mm hair clip or smaller). You do not need to use pinking sheers.
Includes files to make a single and double clippies in same 4x4 hoop.
Fun, fast, and easy. Need I say more?  $4.99

 Thanksgiving Hair Clips


Bargain Bin Price $1.24


Continuous Line Christmas pnw237 

Continuous Line Christmas has so many possibilities.

Tripled stitched to really stand out the individual designs fit the 4x4 hoop, and line up perfectly to continue on.

10 continuous line designs $4.95

 Continuous Line Christmas


Bargain Bin Price $1.24



99.6mm x 64mm

99.6mm x 63.7mm 


99.6mm x 64mm

99.6mm x 63mm  


99.6mm x 63.3mm


99.6mm x 63.3mm

99.6mm x 63.9mm 

99.5mm x 65.6mm  


99.6mm x 63.8mm

99.6mm x 62.6mm  

Examples: Mix and Match!



Bakers Dozen Pies pnw223

13 jar topper designs for a 4x4 hoop. 

Directions to make the individual pies using your favorite fillings and crust.


Keep the yummy treats in your freezer for a late night snack or company. Bake straight from the freezer or fresh.

The pies make a great gift too. $6.99


all orders are sent by email


 Bakers Dozen Pies $6.99

Bargain Bin Price $1.95












remove the pie from the jar

or eat right out of it.

advent 10 

Geisha RW pnw217

Geishas in two sizes for the 4x4 and 5x7 hoop.

Quick to stitch and perfect to enhance your Asian projects and more!

10 designs - 20 files $6.50

all orders are sent by email  


Geisha RW $6.50

Bargain Bin Price $1.63 



80.4mm x 99.5mm

127.8mm x 158.3mm


71mm x 99.7mm

128mm x 178.6mm


89.3mm x 99.5mm

128.1mm x 142.8mm

70.4mm x 99.4mm

126.7mm x 178.8mm 


94mm x 99.6mm

128.3mm x 135.6mm



92.8mm x 99.4mm

127.1mm x 137.3mm  


72.8mm x 98.9mm

129.2mm x 174.9mm

88.5mm x 99.4mm

127.5mm x 143.3mm 


74.6mm x 99.6mm

127.8mm x 170.8mm


71.7mm x 98.9mm

128.7mm x 177.4mm

Days of Wonder pnw275
Celebrate Nature with this fun set of machine embroidery designs that all fit the 4x4 hoop. $2.75

Days of Wonder $2.75

Bargain Bin Price $1.23


74mm x 57mm 

67mm x 83mm 

68mm x 81mm 


84mm x 79mm


99mm x 50mm

99mm x 45mm 


Magic Cats pnw216

Magic Cats is a fun mixture of kitty’s that will fit the 4x4 hoop. Both fill and satin stitches complete the collection.

My cat is black but have fun mixing and matching the colors to suit your project.

This whimsical machine embroidery set is purrrrfect for all cat lovers.

Magic Cats – 10 designs $4.95

all orders are sent by email


 Magic Cats $4.95

Bargain Bin Price $1.23


33.2mm x 99.8mm


40.7mm x 99.7mm


49.8mm x 99.5mm

55.2mm x 99.8mm 

99.3mm x 70.8mm 



99.6mm x 90.7mm 



66.8mm x 99.8mm 

90.9mm x 98.3mm  


99.5mm x 90.8mm

88.1mm x 99.8mm  


RW Christmas Alphabet pnw197
Super nice alphabet at a great price! $12.50

All 30 designs for a super price! $12.50

Bargain Bin Price $3.12

all orders are sent by email  


95mm x 98mm


69.4mm x 98.6mm

78.2mm x 97.8mm 


68.4mm x 98.7mm

66.1mm x 98.2mm 

 63.5mm x 98mm

88.3mm x 98.3mm  

84.7mm x 98mm  

48.9mm x 98.4mm

94.1mm x 97.7mm


84.3mm x 98.1mm

65.2mm x 97.9mm



99mm x 97.8mm



89.6mm x 98.4mm 



96.4mm x 98.1mm 


66.3mm x 98.6mm

87.9mm x 97.9mm  


76.4mm x 98.3mm 

79.4mm x 98.4mm 

83.8mm x 98.8mm



95.3mm x 98.1mm 

 95.3mm x 98.1mm  

99.6mm x 68.5mm  

91.5mm x 98.4mm 


81.2mm x 97.9mm 


84.8mm x 98.3mm


54.7mmx x 98.6mm 


47.7mm x 97.8mm 

46mm x 97.8mm  

54.7mm x 98.6mm


Prim Scribbles pnw195

Prim Scribbles is a delightful assortment of 32 Prim designs (38 files included) for the 4x4 hoop. $19.25 set

all orders are sent by email

 Prim Scribbles $19.25

Bargain Price $4.25


angel 39.7mm x 98.7mm

head 70.6mm x 67mm 

birdhouse 42.5mm x 91.7mm 


frame 89.6mm x 89.4


cake 69.6mm x 70.8

candles 69mm x 71.4mm 

cinnamon roll

75.5mm x 40.5mm 


crow1 60.6mm x 73.2mm


crow2 60.6mm x 73.2mm

cup 73.3mm x 69.9mm 

doll1 45.9mm x 88.3mm 


doll2 45.9mm x 87.2mm


flowers1 72.3mm x 74.3mm


flowers2 72.3mm x 74.3mm

ginger 40.7mm x 79.1mm 


heart 44.3mm x 48.8mm

66.3mm x 73mm

house 91.3mm x 94.3mm 

jewelry 96.2mm x 82.5mm 

lipstick 38mm x 39.9mm

61.6mm x 64.7mm 


muffin 43.6mm x 42.3mm

62.8mm x 60.9mm


nail polish 42.7mm x 74.4mm

purse 55.2mm x 66.1mm 

rooster 73.9mm x 72.2 


rug 67.6mm x 71.9mm


sheep 83mm x 72.5mm

shoe 70.9mm x 52.8mm 

shoes 72.1mm x 50mm 


snow people 95.6mm x 88.2mm

soap 56.9mm x 57.3mm 


star 28.2mm x 31.3mm

40.1mm x 45mm

60.6mm x 67.8mm


tree 48.6mm x 72.9mm

64.9mm x 97.2mm 


watering can 87mm x

 artwork from