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PNW-Embroidery is home to the Lavender Series, Appliques, In the Hoop Projects, Sets and Singles for Machine Embroidery.

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Bargain Bin




Bargain Bin is a place for sets/singles at a reduced price before they retire to make room

for new designs/projects from PNW-Embroidery.


The sets are here for a limited time. Enjoy the savings on these last chance designs.  

Last Day for this selection of Bargain Bin is 03/02/18

I Want them all - Western Alphabet, Western alphabet Coordinates, Western Blocks, Wild West,

Western Girls,Simply Sinful


Western Alphabet pnw278
Each letter fits a 4x4 hoop. $15.00
all orders are sent by email

Western Alphabet

Upper-Lowercase $15.00

  Bargain Bin $3.75

62mm x 90mm 


44mm x 89mm


54mm x 89mm


54mm x 89mm


58mm x 89mm


55mm x 90mm

51mm x 89mm 


65mm x 90mm


38mm x 88mm


52mm x 89mm


61mm x 90mm


51mm x 89mm


67mm x 81mm


69mm x 89mm

52mm x 88mm 


51mm x 89mm

54mm x 90mm 

56mm x 89mm 


51mm x 90mm


48mm x 89mm

63mm x 90mm 

66mm x 89mm 

79mm x 89mm 


63mm x 89mm

62mm x 90mm 


44mm x 88mm



Lowercase Western














  Western Alphabet  Coordinates pnw281
Perfect set to coordinate with the Western Alphabet. 12 files that easily fit the 4x4 hoop $4.75

 Western Coordinates




65mm x 87mm 

67mm x 90mm 

84mm x 90mm 

89mm x 95mm


95mm x 68mm


96mm x 69mm

87mm x 74mm 


87mm x 75mm


79mm x 36mm


75mm x 34mm


61mm x 67mm


64mm x 72mm


Western Blocks pnw285
Four Western themed blocks that average 86mm and will easily fit the 4x4 hoop. $2.99
What a fun set!
 all orders are sent by email

 Western Blocks


 Bargain Bin $1.25


Coffee Owl 08

Last Day 02/27/18   


Wild West pnw287
 Wow, 22 files with a Western Theme. Wild West is a great set to mix and match.
Be sure to see two samples (included) below. $7.99

 Wild West $7.99

Bargain Bin $1.99


99mm x 27mm

48mm x 177mm

69mm x 72mm

94mm x 100mm 


90mm x 76mm


99mm x 27mm

48mm x 178mm


88mm x 64mm

44mm x 82mm 


99mm x 28mm

51mm x 177mm


99mm x 45mm

81mm x 175mm


100mm x 43mm

77mm x 177mm


99mm x 64mm

115mm x 179mm


100mm x 65mm

117mm x 178mm


77mm x 75mm

Here are two samples of ways you can

merge designs together to create

endless fun! 

Yep, they're included!


100mm x 109mm


229mm x 65mm


 Western Girl pnw288
 20 Western files for us girls! $7.99

 Western Girl $7.99

Bargain Bin $1.99

79mm x 96mm 


48mm x 99mm

83mm x 175mm


98mm x 98mm

99mm x 86mm 


82mm x 86mm


76mm x 89mm


66mm x 91mm


100mm x 91mm


91mm x 100mm


98mm x 98mm

83mm x 98mm 


88mm x 98mm

87mm x 88mm 


100mm x 44mm


64mm x 99mm


99mm x 98mm

99mm x 99mm 


99mm x 64mm


98mm x 78mm

Simply Sinful pnw313

Yummy, yummy designs for the 4x4 hoop (one 5x7 bonus). 18 desserts to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

It’s not really a sin to enjoy these fun designs. $11.25

all orders sent by email 

 Simply Sinful $11.25

Bargain Bin $2.81


40.9mm x 90.6mm 

63.9mm x 36.3mm 


72.6mm x 41.2mm


66.2mm x 56mm


66.2mm x 56mm


75.9mm x 43mm


71.8mm x 53.2mm


72.3mm x 53.4mm


48.9mm x 32.8mm


48.8mm x 34.4mm


61.6mm x 50.1mm


32.1mm x 89.4mm


30.2mm x 87.4mm

48.3mm x 25.7mm 


42.9mm x 96.6mm

42.9mm x 96.6mm 

72.5mm x 72.8mm 


72.8mm x 72.8mm


126.8mm x 178.3mm

bonus included 5x7

sample on how much fun it is

to mix the designs!