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PNW-Embroidery is home to the Lavender Series, Appliques, In the Hoop Projects, Sets and Singles for Machine Embroidery.

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Bargain Bin




Bargain Bin is a place for sets/singles at a reduced price before they retire to make room

for new designs/projects from PNW-Embroidery.


The sets are here for a limited time. Enjoy the savings on these last chance designs.  

Last Day for this batch of Bargain Bin August 25th. 


I Want them all - Valentine, Christmas, Thanksgiving Bag Toppers, Almost Prim and Vintage Garden Blocks

Bundle Price $8.10




Valentine Bag Toppers set 156 

Valentine Bag Toppers measure 76.2mm x 98.4mm for a 4x4 hoop.

The enclosable bags are purchased at craft, fabric and office supply stores.

Preferred sizes and directions are included.

These are easily personalized by embroidering the recipient’s name to the “backside”.

6 Valentine Bag Toppers $ 6.99

All Orders are sent by email


Valentine Bag Toppers $6.99

Bargain Bin $1.75








Thanksgiving Bag Toppers set235

Thanksgiving Bag Toppers include 8 designs with instructions for 4x4 hoop.

The back of the bags say Happy Thanksgiving and are embroidered last.

Easy to add your guests name and use as place settings. $6.99

all orders are sent by email

Thanksgiving Bag Toppers


Bargain Bin $1.75





 Christmas Bag Toppers pnw198


8 Christmas Bag Toppers.

Each design is just less than 100 mm to fit nicely in your 4x4 hoop.

The back (words) is stitched last to make it easy for you to personalize.

The enclosable bags are purchased at craft, fabric and office supply stores.

Directions are included. Easy project for a great result! $6.99


all orders are sent by email

 Christmas Bag Toppers


Bargain Bin $1.75







Vintage Garden Blocks set254  

What a great set Vintage Garden Blocks are!

10 classic designs depicting everything we love about gardening.

Quick to stitch, yet full of detail. Vintage Gardening Blocks are in three great sizes to complement any of your projects. $7.99 each size or all three for $19.50

all orders are sent by email

4x4,5x7,6x10 Vintage

Garden Blocks $19.50

Every Size

Bargain Bin $2.00


4x4-72mm x 99mm

5x7-130mm x 178mm

6x10-150mm x 206mm


4x4-70mm x 100mm

5x7-126mm x 180mm



4x4-72mm x 99mm

5x7-129mm x 178mm

6x10-150mm x 207mm

4x4-100mm x 72mm

5x7-129mm x 179mm

6x10-149mm x 207mm 

4x4-100mm x 72mm

5x7-128mm x 177mm

6x10-148mm x 204mm 


4x4-100mm x 73mm

5x7-128mm x 176mm

6x10-148mm x 203mm

4x4-99mm x 72mm

5x7-130mm x 178mm

6x10-150mm x 205mm 

4x4-99mm x 73mm

5x7-130mm x 177mm

6x10-150mm x 205mm 


4x4-100mm x 73mm

5x7-129mm x 175mm

6x10-148mm x 202mm


4x4-69mm x 100mm

5x7-125mm x 180mm

6x10-148mm x 213mm

Almost Prim pnw261
Almost Prim. Almost everything you like about Prim in one set.
16 fun designs for the 4x4 hoop $6.95
all orders are sent by email 

 Almost Prim  $6.95

Bargain Bin $1.75


67mm x 100mm


80mm x 62mm

75mm x 80mm 


47mm x 47mm


90mm x 75mm


90mm x 71mm


100mm x 22mm


90mm x 69mm


99mm x 62mm

90mm x 70mm 

 90mm x 65mm 


100mm x 73mm



50mm x 90mm

90mm x 100mm 

72mm x 65mm