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Fancy Split Letters pnw447

Simply add a name(s) or other words between the satin lines on the Fancy Split Letters.

What an impressive and elegant way to personalize your projects.I used a 4x4,6x6,5x7 and 8x8

hoop for each letter.


You can purchase the complete set or single letters.

The complete set is $52.00 for all four sizes x 26 letters = 104 designs.

Single Letters in four sizes $5.00 each letter (formats art, hus, jef, pes, vip, vp3) 

Be Sure to scroll down for a sweet set of Arial letters that fit nicely inside the Split Letters.

 all orders are sent by email

Complete Set



99.6mm x 94.9mm

135.3mm x 28.9mm

148.5mm x 141.3mm

198.3mm x 188.5mm




94.2mm x 99.4mm

129.4mm x 136.6mm

141.5mm x 149.4mm

188.6mm x 199.1mm


99.4mm x 91.6mm

140.2mm x 137.3mm

197.8mm x 182.2mm 


99.6mm x 89.9mm

143.3mm x 129.3mm

149.7mm x 135.1mm

198.9mm x 179.5mm 


99.3mm x 93.3mm

137.6mm x 129.3mm

149.1mm x 140.1mm

199.7mm x 187.8mm


99.6mm x 94.2mm

136.2mm x 129mm

149.2mm x 141.4mm

199mm x 188.7mm


96.3mm x 99.5mm

129.3mm x 133.4mm

144.9mm x 149.6mm

193.3mm x 199.6mm


99.7mm x 92.1mm

140.2mm x 129.2mm

149.1mm x 137.6mm

199.5mm x 183.5mm 


99.8mm x 95.5mm

135.3mm x 129.4mm

149.6mm x 142.9mm

199.6mm x 190.8mm


99.8mm x 96.3mm

134mm x 129.4mm

149.5mm x 144.2mm

199.5mm x 192.5mm 


96.9mm x 99.7mm

129.7mm x 133.4mm

145.2mm x 149.5mm

193.8mm x 199.7mm



99.7mm x 95.9mm

134.4mm x 129.3mm

149.5mm x 143.8mm

199.1mm x 191.3mm



99.5mm x 86.4mm

148.7mm x 129.3mm

149.8mm x 130.3mm

199.2mm x 173mm


99.6mm x 89.2mm

145.2mm x 129.6mm

149.5mm x 133.4mm

199.1mm x 177.5mm



96.5mm x 99.6mm

129.4mm x 133.7mm

144.7mm x 149.5mm

192.8mm x 199.2mm


99.5mm x 99.1mm

130mm x 129.5mm

149.9mm x 149.3mm

199.2mm x 198.5mm



97.3mm x 99.4mm

129.8mm x 132.7mm

146.4mm x 149.6mm

195.4mm x 199.4mm



99.6mm x 99.2mm

130.3mm x 129.7mm

149.7mm x 149mm

199.7mm x 198.7mm


99.8mm x 99.2mm

129.8mm x 129.2mm

149.5mm x 148.9mm

199.7mm x 198.9mm


93.1mm x 99.2mm

129.4mm x 138.3mm

139.7mm x 149.4mm

186.1mm x 199.1mm


94.9mm x 99.6mm

129.7mm x 136.2mm

142.3mm x 149.4mm

189.9mm x 199.6mm


99.6mm x 98mm

131.8mm x 129.7mm

149.8mm x 147.6mm

199.4mm x 196.5mm


98.4mm x 99.4mm

129.4mm x 130.7mm

147.6mm x 149.1mm

196.9mm x 199.3mm



99.8mm x 91.8mm

140.7mm x 129.7mm

149.8mm x 138.1mm

199.2mm x 183.6mm




99.6mm x 93.7mm

137.4mm x 129.4mm

149.5mm x 140.8mm

199.9mm x 188.2mm




99.4mm x 97.4mm

132.4mm x 129.8mm

149.7mm x 146.7mm

199.4mm x 195.3mm





8x8 Fancy Split Letter with

Arial letters (below)


6x6 Fancy Split Letter with

Arial letters (below)


5x7 Fancy Split Letter with

Arial letters (below)


4x4 Fancy Split Letter with

Arial letters (below)

Towel made by DJ



Arial Letters in three sizes to fit nicely

between the Fancy Split Letters.

 (color chart not included) 
One size for the 4x4 Split
Another for both 5x7 and 6x6
and one more for the 8x8 Split Letters.

  Arial Letters pnw451

in three sizes $12.50