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Little Cheetahs pnw340

10 fills and 10 colorworks of the cutest little cheetahs ever!

Every design fits the 4x4 hoop. Little Cheetahs is the perfect addition to projects for any animal lover. How about an outfit for the zoo? Scroll down for some Cheetah Jokes :)

All 20 files for $12.50 

all orders are sent by email

 Little Cheetahs $12.50


95.1mm x 93.7mm

98.1mm x 92mm 


77.5mm x 99.9mm


78.6mm x 95mm

71.6mm x 98.3mm 


95.5mm x 99.7mm

95.1mm x 71.4mm 


78.7mm x 94.9mm


86.9mm x 97.6mm


71.2mm x 94.8mm

73.7mm x 99.3mm 


94.2mm x 92.7mm

94.7mm x 99.3mm 

94.2mm x 70.3mm 


83.8mm x 94.2mm


77.4mm x 94.3mm

77.8mm x 94.1mm 


72.2mm x 94.2mm


67.4mm x 94.2mm


94.3mm x 89.1mm





Cheetah Jokes 


Q: Which side of a cheetah has the most spots?

Q: What animal is bad to sit by when you're taking a test?
A: A cheetah.

Q: What's a cheetah running a copy machine called?
A: A copycat!

Q: Where does a cheetah sleep?
A: Anywhere he wants to!

Q: What do you get when you cross a cheetah and a snowman?
A: Frost-bite!

Q: What do you get if you cross a cheetah and a sheep?
A: A polka dot sweater.

Q: What's spotted and goes round and round?
A: A cheetah in a revolving door.

Q: What does the cheetah say to his friends before they go out hunting for food?
A: 'Let us prey.'

Q: Why can't you play cards in the African Savanna?
A: Because of all the CHEETAHS!

A police officer sees a man driving around with a pickup truck full of cheetahs. He pulls the guy over and says...
"You can't drive around with cheetahs in this town! Take them to the zoo immediately."
The guy says "OK"... and drives away.
The next day, the officer sees the guy still driving around with the truck full of cheetahs, and they're all wearing sun glasses. He pulls the guy over and demands...
"I thought I told you to take these cheetahs to the zoo yesterday?"
The guy replies...
"I did . . . today I'm taking them to the beach!"