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Mehndi Numbers!! pnw338
The perfect set of numbers to match the Mehndi Alphabet. Three sizes for each number, a question mark and exclamation point. That’s a total of 36 files. $15.50 Save even more when purchasing the complete Mehndi Alphabet and/or Butterflies & Roses! 
all orders are sent by email

 Mehndi Numbers Only


Mehndi Alphabet & Numbers



Mehndi Alphabet-Numbers

& Butterflies & Roses $75.40


95.8mm x 97.9mm

124.5mm x 127.8mm

143.6mm x 147.3mm

94.8mm x 99.1mm

123.6mm x 129mm

142.9mm x 148.8mm 

99.3mm x 92.2mm

139.7mm x 129.1mm

161.3mm x 149mm 


98mm x 99.7mm

127.8mm x 129.4mm

147.4mm x 149.5mm


99.2mm x 96.7mm

131.6mm x 128.2mm

148.9mm x 145mm


99.2mm x 85.5mm

148.8mm x 128.3mm

169.6mm x 144.6mm


99.3mm x 98.3mm

129.3mm x 128.3mm

149.6mm x 148.2mm


99.5mm x 90.2mm

142.5mm x 129.1mm

164.5mm x 148.8mm


99.3mm x 90.8mm

138.9mm x 126.9mm

158.7mm x 144.6mm


99.1mm x 95.1mm

134.3mm x 129.4mm

153.8mm x 148.7mm


99.3mm x 93mm

138.1mm x 129.1mm

148.8mm x 139.2mm


99.2mm x 91.5mm

141.2mm x 129.8mm

163mm x 149.6mm

Mehndi Alphabet pnw328

Elegant lettering in three sizes approximately 4"(4x4 hoop), 5" and 6" in height.

Mehndi  will soon become your  preferred letters for your most treasured projects. $34.95  


Coordinating set Butterflies & Roses (scroll down)  

Mehdni Alphabet in 3 Sizes (78 files) $34.95

91.6mm x 99.4mm

118.3mm x 128.7mm

137.6mm x 149.7mm 


70.2mm x 99.5mm

91.2mm x 129.6mm

105mm x 149.5mm

99.3mm x 99.7mm

128.3mm x 128.9mm

148.2mm x 149mm 


91.6mm x 99.3mm

118.9mm x 129.1mm

137.3mm x 149mm


71.7mm x 99.7mm

93.7mm x 129.4mm

108.4mm x 149.8mm

76.3mm x 99.7mm

99.1mm x 129.5mm

114.2mm x 149.2mm 


92.8mm x 99.7mm

120.2mm x 129.1mm

138.6mm x 149mm

99.6mm x 96mm

129.5mm x 135mm

149.1mm x 143.4mm 


96.8mm x 99.7mm

125.4mm x 129.5mm

144.5mm x 149.4mm


58.1mm x 99.2mm

76.1mm x 129.3mm

87.1mm x 149.2mm

99.7mm x 99.5mm

129.3mm x 129mm

149.3mm x 149mm 


90.9mm x 99.2mm

118.4mm x 129.3mm

136.9mm x 149.6mm


77.4mm x 99.7mm

100.3mm x 129.4mm

115.7mm x 149.3mm

99.4mm x 95.1mm

134.8mm x 129.1mm

149.4mm x 142.9mm

70.8mm x 99.5mm

91.6mm x 129.2mm

105.6mm x 149.2mm

93.9mm x 99.1mm

123mm x 129.6mm

141.9mm x 149.6mm 

68.6mm x 99.3mm

89.2mm x 129.4mm

102.6mm x 149.3mm

98.7mm x 99.5mm

128.5mm x 129.4mm

148mm x 149.2mm

65.8mm x 99.8mm

85.3mm x 129.7mm

98.5mm x 149.6mm

84mm x 99.5mm

108.1mm x 129.2mm

124.8mm x 149.2mm

99.5mm x 84mm

152.8mm x 129.8mm

176.7mm x 149.4mm

91.4mm x 99.6mm

118.7mm x 129.4mm

137mm x 149.6mm

99.7mm x 80.4mm

159.8mm x 129.4mm

184mm x 148.9mm

70.8mm x 99.6mm

91.8mm x 129.3mm

106mm x 149.3mm

71.6mm x 99.6mm

91.2mm x 129.4mm

106.9mm x 148.9mm 


64.4mm x 99.5mm

83.4mm x 129.4mm

86.2mm x 149.2mm


artwork from

 Butterflies & Roses pnw331
 WOW! 65 files of Butterflies and Roses in several sizes.
Quick to stitch and elegant. $24.95

Butterflies & Roses $24.95


90.4mm x 83.2mm

128.7mm x 119.5mm

90mm x 89.4mm

129.1mm x 128mm 


98.5mm x 81.1mm

127.1mm x 154.1mm


91.4mm x 88.1mm

126.6mm x 130.8mm


97.4mm x 94.7mm

128.7mm x 132.2mm

99.2mm x 89.8mm

128.2mm x 140.7mm 


99.5mm x 83.8mm

127.6mm x 151mm

99.3mm x 94.4mm

128.9mm x 134.9mm 


93.5mm x 97.7mm

129.2mm x 136mm


99.1mm x 98.6mm

129.6mm x 130.2mm


99.3mm x 89.8mm

129mm x 141.4mm

99mm x 98mm

129.3mm x 128mm 

83.3mm x 50.2mm

108.4mm x 65.7mm

95.5mm x 90.4mm

114.9mm x 108.8mm

73.5mm x 62.1mm

115.1mm x 97.5mm

77.5mm x 61.2mm

110.9mm x 87.9mm

71.4mm x 74.5mm

96.9mm x 101.2mm 

90.9mm x 74.4mm

128.9mm x 106.3mm 


78mm x 60.8mm

118.5mm x 92.7mm

84.7mm x 74.9mm

115mm x 101.8mm 

93.5mm x 69.8mm

129.2mm x 96mm 

67.1mm x 66.7mm

100.9mm x 100.4mm


76mm x 76.3mm

108.3mm x 109.6mm

87.5mm x 65.9mm

114.5mm x 86mm 

67.6mm x 64.3mm


68mm x 65.8mm


63.3mm x 61.8mm


66.4mm x 61.8mm


42.5mm x 56.5mm

58.6mm x 76.8mm

 87.4mm x 67.4mm


90.4mm x 65.6mm


82.8mm x 60.7mm


73.6mm x 61.1mm


86.7mm x 71mm


90.6mm x 66.3mm

81.4mm x 53mm 

The designs below are digitized for the 150mm x 150mm Quilter's Hoop.
Perfect for filler blocks in a quilt! (included.)


149.2mm x 147.7mm

149mm x 148.4mm 

149.6mm x 145.7mm 

149.6mm x 148.4mm