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PNW-Embroidery is home to the Lavender Series, Appliques and In the Hoop Projects for machine embroidery.

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A Good Cup of Hot Chocolate & Scribbled Christmas 
Scribbled Christmas pnw433
What a fantastic set for Christmas! 10 designs in multitude of sizes/tripled stitched. 32 files
I listed the size hoop I used to test, but you might have different hoops that work better for you.
Scribbled Christmas is just too good to not have lots of sizes for lots of Holiday projects!  $10.90
 all orders are sent by email

 Scribbled Christmas $10.90


4x4-88.9mm x 98.7mm

5x7-129.2mm x 143.7mm

6x10-147.6mm x 164.6mm 

4x4-98.9mm x 97.9mm

5x7-129.6mm x 128.1mm

6x10-149.2mm x 147.5mm 


4x4-52.6mm x 99mm

5x7-82.6mm x 154.8mm

5x7-95.3mm x 178.3

4x4-90.5mm x 89.9mm

5x7-130mm x 128.9mm

6x10-150.5mm x 149.4mm 

4x4-89.9mm x 98.8mm

5x7-115.2mm x 144.3mm

5x7-128.3mm x 160.8mm 


4x4-98.2mm x 99mm

5x7-128.3mm x 129.2mm

6x6-147.6mm x 148.6mm

8x8-197.8mm x 199.1mm

4x4-99.4mm x 96.7mm

5x7-132.7mm x 128.9mm

6x10-153.5mm x 149.4mm

8x8-199.1mm x 194mm

4x4-68.9mm x 99.1mm

5x7-124mm x 178.8mm

6x10-147.9mm x 213.3mm 


4x4-99.4mm x 54.2mm

5x7-148.5mm x 80.9mm

5x7-178.3mm x 96.9mm

4x4-82.6mm x 99.5mm

5x7-127.8mm x 153.5mm

6x10-148.7mm x 178.3mm 


A Good Cup of Hot Chocolate pnw418
Fun and easy to stitch. A Good Cup of Hot Chocolate consist of 10 designs in there sizes each.
Use the 4x4 and 5x7 (or larger) hoops and add this enjoyable set to your projects. 30 files!! $10.50
all orders are sent by email

Hot Chocolate $10.50

67.3mm x 99.1mm

84.3mm x 124.2mm

118.9mm x 175.1mm 

64.3mm x 99.4mm

80.9mm x 125.2mm

114.3mm x 176.6mm 


98.7mm x 72.7mm

127.4mm x 94mm

173.3mm x 128.3mm

65.6mm x 99.4mm

84.6mm x 128.2mm

118.2mm x 178.8mm 


99.6mm x 91.8mm

123mm x 113.4mm

139.8mm x 129mm


64.9mm x 99.3mm

83.6mm x 127.8mm

168.8mm x 178.3mm


79.5mm x 99.4mm

100.2mm x 125.3mm

128mm x 160.2mm


94.3mm x 99.4mm

118.2mm x 124.7mm

129mm x 136.1mm


99.2mm x 85.4mm

127.1mm x 109.4mm

149.8mm x 128.9mm

99.8mm x 76.4mm

126.1mm x 96.5mm

168.2mm x 128.8mm